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Executive Jet Management (EJM) strives to be an industry leader in aircraft management and maintenance.

A key element of its leadership strategy is the operation of leading-edge solutions that increase operational efficiencies and cost effectiveness. EJM's first significant move toward this goal was its implementation of the IFS Maintenix aviation maintenance management software, which is credited with enabling the company to increase the average number of aircraft per fleet manager from 4.1 to 6.7, resulting in a productivity increase of 63%.

As a result, EJM’s Maintenance Repair (MR) operation has dramatically improved efficiencies and is logging significant cost savings with the e-signature functionality in the IFS Maintenix software, supporting its goal of paperless operations.

Among other benefits, the company attributes a 60% reduction in work package setup time and nearly $400,000 in yearly labor cost savings to this most recent IFS Maintenix initiative.


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"It used to take a half an hour to create a work package and now it takes 10 minutes. This allows me to perform new responsibilities like Electronic Record Keeping, Shift Scheduling, and the role of Document Controller."

Terri Raymond

Assistant to the Chief Inspector

About Executive Jet Management

Executive Jet Management (EJM) specializes in private jet charter and aircraft maintenance management for private aircraft and corporate fleets. As a subsidiary of NetJets Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway company, EJM’s maintenance operations focus on two primary areas: the NetJets fleet of over 420 aircraft; and over 160 privately owned charter aircraft.

Benefits seen using IFS:

  • Achieved a wholly paperless, FAA-approved aircraft maintenance process including all work orders and workflow management
  • Saved more than 10 hours per day in shift turnover activities, leading to nearly $400,000 savings per year in labor costs
  • Reduced time to set up work packages by more than 60%

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