Published14 February 2022
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Norways largest public transport operator Sporveien AS sets out path to evergreen with IFS


IFS to enable Sporveien to deliver sustainable transportation and become evergreen

London, UK, March 1, 2022IFS, the global cloud enterprise software company, today announced that Norwegian municipally owned public transport operator Sporveien AS has chosen to upgrade their longstanding relationship with IFS with a move towards IFS Cloud.

Sporveien owns and operates metros, trams and busses in the capital of Norway, Oslo. The group also develops and manages the infrastructure connected to Oslo’s tram and metro system – including maintaining and upgrading wagons, rails, tunnels, buildings and signaling systems. Sporveien AS is now Norway’s largest supplier of public transport by number of individual journeys made – in 2020, that number was 155 million (the number of passengers in 2020 is strongly reduced due to the ongoing pandemic). The group’s vision is to make sustainable mobility available for all, encouraging as many people as possible to choose public transport over individual car usage.  

Sporveien is committed to ensuring the public transport system they operate has the least possible impact on the environment and ultimately our climate. In 2021, the group announced that they had ordered the next signalling system, based on CBTC technology, aiming to digitize and streamline the metro system in Oslo by securing semi-automatic train control, with higher capacity and better traffic flow.

In order to better support their efforts towards achieving their sustainability goals, Sporveien needed the technology that would enable them to have a holistic view of their business and operations. The group had been an IFS customer since 2001, using Finance, Supply Chain and Maintenance components of the IFS EAM solution. With this upgrade, Sporveien is moving towards evergreen IT and is further building out functionality to continue to support the maintenance of linear assets. The current implementation will include 2000 users and is expected to go live later in 2022.

The group’s five-year plan towards modernising their IFS platform will see them invest heavily in expanding their IFS footprint and creating more cross-business synergies - including a reduction of internal silos and the creation of a common platform that digitalises both moving and fixed assets in order to provide greener and cheaper transport. Sporveien is currently testing a digital tram (Trikk) which will feed data into the IFS maintenance system to increase reliability of the service. The IFS maintenance system secures steady uptime, which allows the group to provide their Moment of Service™: securing dependable transportation for the city of Oslo.

“If we want to support Oslo municipality’s goal of cutting carbon emissions by 95% by 2030, we have to continue to innovate in the service we provide to the citizens of Oslo – and we need the right technology in place to support us,” says Marianne Vik, CFO, Sporveien. “IFS has been essential in our journey towards digitalisation. The upgrade we are undertaking will position us to make a smooth transition to becoming evergreen, and provide us with the comprehensive end-to-end functionality and a single platform that simplifies our business processes and means we can focus on our mission: a green city.”  

“We are delighted that Sporveien AS is continuing to invest in our longstanding relationship and has chosen to get more value from IFS in order to support them on their journey towards a worthwhile cause: contributing towards a cleaner and greener city for the people of Oslo,” says Elni Kullmer, Managing Director, IFS Nordics. “At IFS, sustainability is near and dear to our hearts. IFS Cloud was designed to offer companies an uncomplicated path towards becoming more data-driven, improve innovation, and, ultimately, deliver a better Moment of Service™ - which in this case is a service to not only Sporveien’s customers but the planet itself.”

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