Published05 July 2021
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IFS Selects Technodyn As Exclusive Distributor

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Johannesburg, South Africa, July 5, 2021 - IFS has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Technodyn across sub-Saharan Africa. Technodyn will be empowered to grow IFS’ presence in this market as the lead partner and to become the market face of IFS in the region. 

Technodyn is a subsidiary of Technodyn Holdings, a Level 1 Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) company that has a proven track record partnering exclusively with OEMs to develop their market presence, accelerate growth, and consistently deliver quality service to customers and partners.

As IFS focuses on developing Cloud enterprise applications that embed the latest performance and digital technologies, it needs to consider the most effective way to bring these products to market and deliver value to customers. Globally, IFS is committed to a partner-first business model that sees IFS working closely with partners to address customer needs and to expand the IFS footprint. In Sub-Saharan Africa, IFS believes that evolving this into a partner-led market approach is the most effective way to build its business in Africa.

As part of the appointment, Technodyn will be the lead partner through which IFS offerings will be procured for the Sub-Saharan African market. The investment and focus that Technodyn will provide will accelerate the expansion of the IFS footprint and maximise the growth opportunity in the Sub-Saharan African market.

Technodyn will also build a Certified Training Centre, thereby ensuring customers and partners have access to the full suite of training and enablement services from IFS in addition to the global IFS Academy.

Merlin Knott, Global Head of Partner & Channels for IFS, said: “Our customers and partners will benefit from Technodyn’s commitment to develop the momentum and growing IFS’ presence in Sub-Saharan Africa through its long-term vision. We will work in in close collaboration with Technodyn to ensure this transition to a partner-led approach is smooth for our customers and partners to build on our successes together.”

Technodyn Holdings’ CEO Kooban Naidoo added: “We are proud to partner with IFS in this way. Like IFS, we are very dedicated to delivering value and great experience, and these synergies, combined with IFS’ cloud applications, mean we are confident that current and future IFS customers will achieve significant business value as they move ahead with their digital transformation strategies on IFS. We are committed to building on the high standards of services they have come to expect from their strategic business partner, and we are very much looking forward to our mutual successes over the coming years.”

This move underpins IFS’ commitment to developing a truly effective and world-class ecosystem of partners to provide the most successful outcome for customers, partners and IFS within each business region, enabling IFS to focus on its core competencies; offering customers choice and delivering exceptional value through its market-leading cloud applications and services.

About IFS

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About Technodyn

Technodyn are a level 1 B-BBEE business with head office in Durban and offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town that project our administration, sales, and support capabilities across the country and into Southern Africa. Technodyn have successfully deployed numerous ICT solutions across South Africa’s government and private enterprise sectors and have delivered and maintain some of the most innovative solutions that connect citizens with government services as well as corporate customers with the businesses that serve them.