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IFS Ultimo supports Healthcare organizations by intergrating a powerful CMMS & EAM system for healthcare. Thus maximizing asset availability, compliance, and improving productivity.

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The IFS Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) software in Ultimo's EAM/CMMS platform is fully integrated with HFM capabilities, which enables complete and efficient asset management and better collaboration between the biomedical, maintenance/facility, and IT departments.

Work more effectively and be compliant with IFS Healthcare technology management software

Extensive support through medical equipment registration, work order management with graphical planners, detailed cost registration, periodical maintenance, release conditions, and many more features to ensure compliancy.

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Healthcare technology management 4.0

Healthcare Technology Management 4.0 describes the way the integration of digital technologies and automation within healthcare. It represents a shift toward using advanced technologies to create “smart hospitals” and optimize maintenance processes.

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