Customer Experience Management (CXM) software solutions

Drive customer engagement through powerful experiential surveys and get up to 600% higher survey engagement


Elevate the quality of your feedback and listening across the customer journey. Unlock insights by blending technology, design and behavioral science principles into design-driven experience-led surveys, feedback and reports with IFS Customerville.

Increase response rates and reduce survey fatigue

Drive engaging, branded interactions from survey invitation to survey completion. Provide a rich experience through highly visual, story-driven surveys with conversational context to make questions more personalized, appealing and easier to complete.


Experience fast, flexible survey creation

Get access to a wide variety of UX models, templates and tools to help create the best surveys and invitations possible faster. Reinforce your brand by weaving brand stories in with survey questions. Get feedback faster to improve your services quickly.

Uncover deep insights at critical touchpoints

Improve the quality of your feedback data. Demonstrate high-quality listening and authenticity at key moments. Use flexible paths and design elements to change the course of a survey in real time based on customer comments or visually reacting to answers.

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Make reporting of feedback engaging and actionable

Enable rapid response from frontline teams to improve CX. Choose the data to surface and distribute through alerts, drillable dashboards and automatically curated emails: curate social content, statistics, text and photo analytics.


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  • Self Service
  • Consultancy Service

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