Redefine productivity.
Supercharge your team.
Outperform the competition. weaves through all IFS capabilities democratizing how and when you use Artificial Intelligence in your business

How can help? combines simulation, optimization and anomaly detection to drive the efficiency of your people, assets, and workflows.
ifs_AI_icon_5_151x151 for organizational wide impact

Break down traditional operational and data silos and drive automation and optimization using all data incl. business, IoT, performance and 3rd party

ifs_AI_icon_4_151x151 for continuous real time optimization

Fuel companywide efficiencies and productivity across your processes, assets, and people. Leverage the interactive UX and co-pilots to transform your team's effectiveness and productivity


Re-imagine workflow automation works dynamically with ALL IFS’s capabilities. Autonomously pulling data and AI together to enable every user to leverage the right insights at the right time ensuring continuous improvements


  • Organizational wide impact on productivity

    The architecture provides an augmented and user-determined experience for workers across all functions in the business. As it adapts to their way of working, it helps them become more effective and their organizations automate and optimize processes across traditional operational and data silos. delivers value out of the box, augmenting IFS product capabilities to accelerate time to value. Industry capabilities are improved, productivity increased and decision making accelerated. The business-wide value delivered creates an immediate positive impact to meet your specific needs. The unique user experience enables faster adoption and stronger employee engagement throughout your business.

    With, you can:

    • Transform data into insights: unifies data from any source, internal and external, including business, IoT, performance, and third-party data, to deliver a complete view of your business. The insights highlight opportunities to optimize operations, spot new business opportunities, and mitigate risks.
    • Accelerate automation: will identify and help automate tasks and processes across your organization. This can free your employees to focus on more strategic and value-added work.
    • Empower your team: delivers real-time actionable user-specific insights harnessing all data sources. It provides timely guidance and accurate recommendations for organizational-wide impact.

  • Continuous real-time optimization

    The architecture provides business-wide recommendations, driving faster optimization of operations to improve the efficiency and productivity of people and assets.

    With, you can:

    • Mitigate risk: delivers predictive insights and recommendations to users that will help avoid asset downtime and detect or address performance anomalies business-wide.
    • Drive people and asset performance: automates tasks and streamlines processes based on user behavior across your operations for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
    • Increase customer satisfaction: enables a better service and experience. One example is through intelligent appointment booking that takes account of customer preferences with up-to-the-minute information about technician availability.
    • Consistent Employee engagement and development: The interactive experience in will make it easy for teams to uplevel their skills, learn, and develop by providing timely guidance and recommendations to improve how they work as they work.

  • Workflow automation re-imagined with
    Re-imagine workflow: autonomously pulls telemetry and business data, and AI together to deliver recommendations. Every user is enabled to leverage the right insights to automate or re-design workflows at speed, ensuring continuous improvements.

    AI-driven process automation: Faster, more impactful automation, from simple to complex processes across multiple business functions. will help rewrite, change, or create workflows based on user behavior, unusual patterns, and data insights.

    All IFS’s capabilities boosted: works dynamically across all product functionalities to harness data and AI services and accelerate time to value across people, services, and assets. Insights are delivered faster, decisions made in real time, and productivity boosted as employees are free to focus on value-added work. For example, combine AI-driven real-time planning and scheduling data with automation to optimize asset maintenance planning, manufacturing production planning, or field service engineer schedules. Complex multi-stakeholder decision-making is made transparent, robust, and simplified. supercharging IFS Cloud for your Industry!

Aerospace & Defence accelerates automation of critical asset processes from failure and repair through to supply chain and mission planning and optimization

Construction & Engineering

Achieve consistent and predictable project costs, drive profitability with better control of outcomes, minimize risk and improve overall site safety

Energy, Utilities & Resources

Predict the health and resilience of your assets in line with future energy load and trends and accurately forecast the cost efficiency of your workforce


Monitor and effect the performance and reliability of your supply chain with dynamic production scheduling and autonomous optimization


Leverage the AI knowledge base to predict, plan and optimize assets and mobile workforce performance and requirements real time


Using internal and external data create insights to anticipate trends and respond to requirements and meet ESG targets and SLAs consistently

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