Untangle your ERP system


Eliminate the barriers to agility and productivity and make a unified system a reality. 


Although they might look like one, single solution, in reality your business systems are often disparate applications, bolted together. That can drastically limit your ability to get access to data to make key business decisions, prevent staff moving efficiently between tasks and slow down your capacity to react to change. 


The goal of enterprise software is to streamline business operations in a single business application. In some cases, you need to integrate third party solutions with that system of record, including enterprise resource planning (ERP). Even when they are done well and gracefully share master data between two systems, these integrations present usability challenges because users must learn a new interface and navigation conventions each time they switch from ERP to the integrated solution. 


Without embedded EAM software, an asset intensive organization will struggle to make sound repair or replace decisions about capital equipment and will have difficulty coordinating maintenance and production schedules. 


The promise of ERP is to provide that real time, single version of the truth across the lifecycle of a customer interaction, manufacturing processes, product and asset lifecycles and enterprise projects. When data regarding the entire value chain is contained in a single database, through functional modules that were all designed to work together, ERP can deliver all this and more. 


Download our whitepaper to find out more about why manufacturers need to unshackle their business from outdated ERP.  

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