Guide: EAM or FSM Software for Communications Service Providers, or both?

A CIO’s guide to making an informed technology investment

When it comes to making an informed technology investment decision, it helps to start at the beginning―with market definitions and descriptions, provided by analysts such as Gartner.

This guide will help you understand the differences, similarities and overlaps between the two technologies―and the value the combination can drive for Communications Service Providers (CSPs). Discover the industry-specific benefits that EAM and FSM solutions offer, including improved asset utilization, higher service margins and lower carbon emissions.

Download the whitepaper to learn how:
  • EAM optimizes the performance of diverse and complex telecom assets - from cradle to grave
  • As assets become more intelligent, EAM can evolve to asset performance management (APM)
  • Together, EAM and FSM along with IoT, AI, machine learning and digital twins can support your progression from reactive to predictive & proactive maintenance

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