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IFS Supports BEAT Cycling's Material Management

BEAT are a breakaway model and professional cycling team. Edwin Gulickx, CFO explains how their partnership with IFS ensures they are prepared for race days.

Jeroen van Langevelde, the head of logistics, describes their challenge of managing materials scattered across various locations and the need for a partner to track these materials efficiently.

The onboarding process with IFS was positive, and it now allows them to have full control over their equipment, ensuring they can forecast their future equipment needs. This enhanced control provides peace of mind for the team.

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"We are partnering with IFS because we want to be at our best on race day. So that means we need our equipment fully in the working order just to have the marginal gains to compete in this important race effort for us."

Edwin Gulickx

Chief Financial Officer

About Beat Cycling Club

BEAT are a breakaway model and professional cycling team, with over 1,500 riders in the Netherlands.

Benefits seen using IFS
  • Control over equipment through cataloguing
  • Supporting sustainable material decisions
  • Ability to forecast equipment needs

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