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Increasing Efficiency: SPIE's Journey with IFS

SPIE is transforming their operations with IFS
Kawe Eghdami, the program director overseeing the implementation of IFS explains why SPIE chose to partner with IFS.

With over 50,000 global employees across 27 countries, SPIE's growth from 600 to 7,000 employees posed significant operational challenges. Implementing IFS revolutionized their approach, enabling a shift from people-centric to machine-driven operations.

Through IFS, SPIE aims to proactively prevent issues and respond efficiently to challenges, ensuring seamless customer experiences.


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“IFS was one of the few companies who could provide us with software that could cover the most areas that we needed to get our housing in order. We had to choose a partner and also software system that could assist us and that's why we chose IFS.”

Kawe Eghdami

Program Director Digitization, SPIE

About SPIE Nederland

SPIE Nederland is the largest technical service provider in the Netherlands, with almost 6,000 employees spread over 41 locations.

  • More detailed data
  • Improved insight into tasks
  • More efficient scheduling of tasks
  • Better equipped to respond to service issues

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SPIE OGS unifies its processes and simplifies project management with IFS

Discover how SPIE Oil & Gas Services successfully consolidated its departments and centralized operations in 23 countries by adopting a standardized approach and planning a transition to the cloud in 2024.

SPIE Oil & Gas Services (SPIE OGS) aimed to standardize its IT solutions within the company. Prior to IFS, each department used different tools, resulting in inconsistencies. The goal was to unify departments and streamline project management. With a competent and curious internal team, they opted for a standardized approach during implementation, avoiding custom developments. Currently, the solution is used by approximately 500 users across 23 countries.

The choice of IFS enabled SPIE Oil & Gas Services to centralize processes and foster consistent collaboration across countries. By leveraging a competent internal team and closely collaborating with consultants, they successfully implemented the ERP within a 12-month timeframe, embracing a standardized approach.

Discover the interview with Ludovic Rougean, ERP Manager at SPIE Oil & Gas Services.


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