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Stockholm Exergi: A wall-to-wall ERP and EAM implementation on IFS Cloud, with IFS Success within one year

Stockholm Exergi began working with IFS in early 2021, after it was sold to a consortium of European investors. Under the old ownership, Stockholm Exergi had to share IT services, using a multitude of legacy systems and an IT model that was not well suited for Exergi operations. The acquisition was the perfect opportunity for the company to modernize its IT and data infrastructure.

Today, Stockholm Exergi is a standalone IT organization, with IFS serving as the platform to support systems across finance, supply chain, HR, project management, asset management, and maintenance. The company developed a new environment, transitioning users and applications, and working in partnership with IFS to help close the gaps between existing systems and those the company wants to use moving forward.

Read this customer story to learn how Stockholm Exergi overcame challenges and the strategies they employed with the support of IFS.


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IFS serves as an important component within our IT and data architecture landscape, hosting core processes and data assets so we can address cost, efficiency, and automation.

Jimmy Renström

CIO at Stockholm Exergi

About Stockholm Exergi

Stockholm Exergi is Stockholm’s energy provider. Using resource-efficient solutions, the company ensures that the growing Stockholm region has access to electricity, heating, cooling and waste services. Stockholm Exergi provides heat to more than 800,000 Stockholmers and its 3,000-kilometre-long district heating network forms the basis for the societal benefits that it creates together with customers and partners.


  • Contributes to sustainability goals with precise asset management capabilities
  • Optimizes business analytics and informs strategic business decisions by consolidating data across the operation and beyond
  • Supports introduction of new products and services to reposition the company as a primary energy partner
  • Satisfies an ambitious merger and acquisition (M&A) implementation timeline
  • Optimizes value from the investment with IFS Success for a strong and enduring partnership

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