Energy, Utilities and Resources

Connected assets, projects, and service empowers companies to stay ahead of the competition as the energy sector transforms to tackle climate change.


Energy companies must ensure net zero goals are met while running efficient operations. This requires a transformation of business models to achieve best-in-class customer service, ensure smart asset management, and optimize workforce and resources.  

  • Mills & Mining
  • Digital Oil & Gas
  • Power Generation
  • Transmission & Distribution
  • Water & Wastewater

Digital transformation
 for mills & mines

Improving asset reliability and performance remains a key focus for mills & mines. This requires an end-to-end solution supporting the entire asset lifecycle through feasibility, construction, operation, and maintenance.


Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas companies must chart out new paths through diversification, and technology has a strong role to play in this transformation. Optimize your assets and resources and gain better control of projects globally.


Diversified power generation

Power generation companies are diversifying and investing in renewable energy to meet sustainability requirements. With the proliferation of distributed energy resources (DERs), the energy market is more distributed than ever before. This introduces fresh challenges, driving companies to embrace new business models. Implementation of the right solution is crucial to the success of these diversification strategies.


Meet today’s customer demands with optimized assets and connected workforce

Today’s customers want reliable and exceptional service at their fingertips. This requires organizations to make the most of their resources—ensuring optimum uptime, connected assets, and well-planned and well-executed projects.


Deliver a digital water & wastewater ecosystem

To deliver exceptional customer service and improve operational efficiencies, water and wastewater organizations require the capabilities to plan new network and infrastructure investments, ensure the resiliency of supply through optimal performance of existing above - and below-ground assets, and manage the workforce.


IFS Ranked #1 in the Gartner®️ Market Share for Enterprise Asset Management 2023

IFS has been ranked as #1 in the Gartner®️ Market Share: All Software Markets, Worldwide, 2023 in the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) segment by Revenue for the third consecutive year, with a 20.3% share and 36.4% year over year growth.


Top 3 Predictions for 2024 in Energy, Utilities & Resources Industry 

Discover how our IFS experts have applied their expertise to analyze key market data and make 3 predictions that will navigate the turbulent market dynamic within the sector. 

Prevent unplanned maintenance in your energy organization with IFS

Learn more about how energy organizations globally are using predictive maintenance and real-time data capabilities in an asset management solution to optimize resources and boost productivity.

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Achieve cloud-enabled digital transformation in the energy sector

Now more than ever, energy, utilities and resources companies must look towards automation and digital technologies to manage myriad of business challenges and pressures. Explore the role of cloud solutions in enabling this digital transformation.

Solutions and Capabilities 

  • EAM energy software
  • Energy ERP software
  • Upstream oil and gas

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