Power your journey to advanced servitization

Advanced asset monitoring technologies establish a higher level of service, guarantee your customer continued operation, and build a long-term partnership to enhance your customer’s operational performance.

IFS makes gives it possible for manufacturers and service providers the tools to offer advanced intelligent service based on desired outcomes

  • Predictive maintenance
    IoT measurements and readings help you pinpoint possible faults and anomalies before they occur.
  • First-time fix (FTF) prediction
    Machine learning (ML) technologies allow you to predict if a fault is unlikely to be resolved on the first attempt.
  • Intelligent scheduling optimization
    Artificial intelligence (AI) gives you the capacity to generate service schedules based on predicted maintenance needs.
  • Intelligent knowledge management
    A connected knowledge base gives you a deep understanding of data to provide a complete picture of processes, materials and assets.
  • Service catalog
    Automated approvals and workflows enable you to simplify your service offering and fulfillment processes.

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