Electric Vehicle Fleet Optimization from IFS

Simplify ESG Compliance and Reduce Carbon Emissions

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Transportation is the world’s largest producer of harmful greenhouse gases. That’s why more than 2 million company cars will be replaced with EVs by 2030.


When it comes time for your organization to shift its service fleet over to include electric vehicles (EVs), IFS makes it easy to setup, track and monitor vehicle attribute information in our AI-powered workforce planning and scheduling solution. By adding charge and capacity planning into our solution, it allows the optimization of EVs taking into consideration location of charge points, type, capacity, speed of charge and range.

Download the factsheet now to learn how our scheduling solution helps you:


  • Reduce your fleet’s fuel and labor costs while preparing for EVs
  • Modernize your service fleet and optimize EVs seamlessly with people and parts
  • Track and manage your organization’s carbon emissions for easier ESG compliance


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