Native agility for Engineering and Construction

Increasing business resilience with composable enterprise software


Today’s constantly changing landscape in the engineering and construction industry requires the ability to adapt. Companies must be equipped to swiftly embrace new business models, driven either by their own business requirements or possibly by the clients they want to work for.

Surviving, and thriving, demands native business agility. This whitepaper explores what this agility means: what it can look like, and how the choice of sector-honed enterprise software like IFS Cloud can drive revenue diversification, increased performance, greater cost control and business resilience.

Download the whitepaper now to discover:

  • What is agility and why does it matter?
  • How can enterprise software help construction and engineering companies become resilient?
  • Enabling change: what is a composable enterprise platform with IFS Cloud?
  • How modernizing for tomorrow demands a flexible digital backbone


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