Project financial control for Construction and Engineering

How well do companies manage project financial control today? 

In an industry with low project margins, a high level of unpredictability, and fierce competition (both domestic and international), it does not take much to turn a profitable project into a loss-making project, putting the whole business at risk. 

That is why the need for excellent project financial control is no longer a ‘nice to have’, it is a must have.

IFS delivers integrated project financial control, key benefits of this include:

  • Accurate Data & Timely Information
  • Improved Cash Collection
  • Accurate Earned Value
  • Improved Project Predictability & Forecast Accuracy
  • Accurate Costs & Accruals
  • Improved Change Control
  • Faster Period End Close
  • Increased Labor Efficiency
  • Reduced Dependency on Excel

Explore the rest of the benefits as well as the four key pillars of effective project financial control in this executive summary.


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