Modern methods of construction and residential construction


What's driving the change?

House builders are increasingly focusing their time and investments into modular, or as it has been historically known as, ‘prefabricated or premanufactured construction’, and this is part of the definition for the term ‘modern methods of construction (MMC)’. With the increased adoption of these techniques, it is creating a very different future for the residential construction market.

IFS Cloud is a project & asset focussed ERP solution therefore designed to support the full project & asset lifecycle. To that end, IFS have customers that operate within different stages of this lifecycle. For example, organisations that design, that construct, that operate and maintain complex assets and facilities, as well as organisations that are responsible for multiple stages of this lifecycle and are able to manage the entire process within IFS. With this in mind IFS Cloud provides solutions for:

  • General Contractors
  • Speciality & Engineering Contractors
  • Residential & Property Developers
  • Modular & Prefabricated Manufacturers
  • Facilities/Service Management Providers

Download this whitepaper to know more about what has been driving the change and how residential construction companies can increase revenues, lower costs and improve build quality.


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