What's New in IFS Cloud 22R2?


IFS Cloud customers benefit from twice-yearly releases of new features and capabilities, along with monthly service updates containing fixes and security patches.

With 22R2 we continue to support your journey to digitalization by offering the tools, innovations, and experiences that will drive the most value for you.  

This release focuses on: 

  • Accelerating automation across the organization  - By enabling our customers to accelerate automation, 22R2 continues our path to help organizations to transform operations, work efficiently and liberate staff. IFS Cloud helps to reduce the time, effort, and resource burden while increasing the quality of work and experience.

  • Connecting global operations  - Uniting operations across sites, departments, people, and assets enables organizations to compete on a world playing field and scale globally. 22R2 provides the capabilities needed to reduce complexity and effort and operate consistently in a global environment. Serve customers faster, reduce downtime and meet compliance requirements.

  • Driving toward your ESG goals - Your organization's environmental, social, and governance goals are in the spotlight. IFS tools and innovations provide the data to help drive towards your goals, show progress against commitments and demonstrate accountability and transparency. Stay focused on ESG goals and making an impact on the planet. 

To explore the key feature and capability highlights for 22R2, download our fact sheet now. 


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