When does procurement become subcontracting?


Although subcontracting in the construction industry is nothing new, the process has shifted towards being much more transactional and complex 

Subcontracting in the construction and engineering industry is a vital part of most projects, however the process has changed due to the increasing complexity main contractors now experience. This means that main contractors now need to manage mix-mode models and multiple different contractors using different models on one single project.  

The reality is that subcontractor management is not a one size fits all, there are typically 3 ways of using subcontractors and broadly speaking they fall into the following categories:

1. Supply and Fit

2. Fit only

3. Supply only

IFS Cloud can help you simplify the subcontracting process and provide a platform that ensures you always remain in complete control. 


Download this executive summary and understand more about the complex process of subcontracting in the field of construction.

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