Clevest Location Solutions


Utility organizations are dynamic. At any time, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of workers and vehicles in the field. Keeping track of all these moving pieces is difficult, but failure to do so can result in fleet maintenance issues, regulatory noncompliance, impacts to corporate liability, and most importantly – the safety of your workers.

Clevest Location Solutions allows you to remotely track status and location information in real-time, knowing with certainty where your assets are, where they’ve been, and how your fleet is being operated. Providing you with more than just location data, Clevest Location Solutions delivers deeper insights so you can develop an informed profile for every asset, including electric vehicles.


Capabilities of Clevest Location Solutions include:

  • Administration
  • Dispatch centers
  • Field workers

Download the fact sheet to know more about how Clevest Location Solutions enables utility organizations to remotely track and manage their field assets, ensuring safety, regulatory compliance, and efficient operation.


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