Brochure: IFS Qbyte CS Land

IFS_Canadian Solutions_Webpage Images_1_Upstream oil and gas software for the Canadian market

Land management software for Canadian oil and gas companies

Join more than 260 Canadian oil and gas companies that rely on IFS Qbyte CS Land to manage complex and ever-changing land management requirements.


Learn how IFS Qbyte CS Land:

  • Securely manages land assets in the cloud allowing 24/7 access to your data from anywhere in the world
  • Maximizes revenue potential by using the Third Party module, combined with Utility updates accessing public data, to help ensure you're getting all of your Road Use revenue
  • Helps you realize your data's potential with powerful, easy-to-use web-based reporting 
  • Ensures top-rated application support through live, local helpdesk interactions and ongoing, no charge customer training initiatives
  • Reduces property acquisition costs when you are using the same land software as most other companies

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