IFS Maintenix production, planning & control: Fact Sheet


Heavy maintenance checks are an integral part of ensuring aircraft airworthiness, fleet safety and regulatory compliance. Undertaking such checks can be both cost- and resource-intensive, with aircraft often remaining out-of-service for weeks or months on end, and requiring thousands of man-hours and millions of dollars to complete.

IFS Maintenix Production Planning & Control (PP&C), industry’s most advanced maintenance planning solution can be the solution. It offers real-time visibility into the status of scheduled and non-routine work against plans to more easily spot, measure and mitigate the risk of schedule over­runs from the very start of a visit.

Benefits of IFS Maintenix PP&C include:

  • Enhanced efficiency by using best-practice templates
  • Optimized task sequencing to turn around aircraft on time and on budget
  • On-the-fly scenario planning to evaluate projected impacts on maintenance
  • Advanced visualization tools

Download the fact sheet to find out how IFS Maintenix Production Planning & Control (PP&C), could help you with the heavy maintenance.

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