Project enabled manufacturing


Making to order? Or to stock? Running engineer- or configure-to-order processes? Are your manufacturing operations project-based? You might even mix several modes of manufacturing depending on customer or market demands. IFS knows that the most important ‘tradition’ in manufacturing is change—often rapid, radical change. That’s why IFS is designed to facilitate change while still maintaining control no matter what mode—or modes—of manufacturing your business is engaged in.
Consider the benefits of accurate forecasting and budgeting capabilities, and the effect these would have on your ability to control project costs and manage risk. And the advantage to your business of being able to make almost instant—and accurate—decisions when confronted with an RFQ. The project management functionality embedded in IFS offers unique capabilities. With it, you can capture all the activities related to a particular project, including purchases, costs, production, documents and shipments.
Furthermore, integration with financials allows you to spot issues while the project is in progress so that you can adapt as conditions change. As a result, you can make changes in time instead of trying to catch up with past events. IFS enables users to plan compliance, schedule and execute audits, report nonconformances and record any corrective and preventive actions. As the functionality is fully integrated it means that the quality management processes will become much closer to the business processes.

Designed with project-enabled industries in mind, IFS is the only real alternative for manufacturers who need to be able to move as trends, markets and policies shift.

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