ERP For construction: reliable construction finance software


Modern contractors need the structure, risk mitigation and visibility that come from enterprise business software made for the construction industry. Yet many of the software packages on the market fail to adequately address the complex project financial control needs of construction companies.

What is wrong with running construction projects in Microsoft Excel? Plenty. First, Excel and other systems outside of an enterprise software application like ERP do not have controls against manipulation. It is easy and too tempting for a project or commercial manager to “massage” the data, hiding landmines that will blow up in the controller’s face in later project phases. With IFS Applications, you are finally in control of your projects, the project plan and financial forecast, in an auditable, reliable, secure ERP. IFS Cloud manages all the project cost drivers:


  • Procurement
  • Subcontractors
  • External and Internal Equipment rental
  • Labor

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