Defense contract management software From IFS

External forces have always affected the Aerospace and Defense industry, be it regulatory changes, shifting business priorities, or new technology opportunities. Aerospace & Defense manufacturing in particular is subject to fast-changing geopolitical and market climates, ever-moving security requirements, and the need to modernize business processes to offer competitive solutions. Failure to react can quickly shift a leader to a laggard.

The IFS Defense Contract Management offering is made up of two features specific to manufacturers and contractors doing business with the U.S. government—Defense Contract Reporting and Defense Supplier Classification.

By introducing a module specifically designed for Defense Contract Reporting and Defense Supplier Classification, the Defense Contract Management solution enables:
  • Seamless integration into the iRAPT system
  • Organizations to classify suppliers throughout the procurement process
  • Government contractors to calculate and set expenditure goals
  • Automated reporting within the government electronic subcontracting reporting system (eSRS)

Download the Fact Sheet to know more how IFS Services can help you in Defense Contract Management.

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