Boost customer engagement with IFS Appointment Assistant


The disconnect between your service technician and your customer causes frustration and dissatisfaction before the visit even starts. Waiting for a service visit can be one of the most aggravating experiences for your customers.

They have a time window and don’t dare leave the house no matter how long it is. Service centers become overloaded with inbound ETA calls and when a technician runs behind schedule, they can only look forward to unhappy customers, no-shows or missed appointments for the rest of their day. Forget trying to upsell customers, they just want to complete the job and mitigate customer dissatisfaction.


IFS Appointment Assistant efficiently connects customers and field resources to improve your customer experience and drive technician satisfaction.


IFS Appointment Assistant improves service delivery experience. It provides:

  • A better experience for your customers, lower call volumes, an improved technician experience and allows you to improve your net promoter scores (NPS).
  • Real-time updates to your customers on their service visit, including expected time of arrival, appointment details and much more. Reduce calls into your contact center and significantly improve your customer experience.
  • An opportunity to display targeted marketing messages directly to your customers to allow you to upsell other products or services.


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