Achieve digital shipbuilding success in Maritime 4.0 with IFS


The defense and commercial shipbuilding sectors are poised for “Maritime 4.0.” The groundwork has been laid by key Industry 4.0 technologies and widescale digital transformation within naval forces, but making this digital shift involves grappling with a far greater complexity of projects, components, and data on a scale way beyond traditional Industry 4.0 manufacturing.

Maritime 4.0 is set to change the face of defense and commercial shipbuilding forever.

Four critical areas for digital shipbuilding success:


  • Driving technologies
  • Balancing complexity against project efficiency
  • Security at the core 
  • Sustainable manufacturing

Industry 4.0 offers a vision for transformation of the shipbuilding industry though the establishment of ‘Digital Shipyards’ and adoption of a ‘Shipyard 4.0’ agenda. It is important to acknowledge just how transformative such a vision is and how challenging it will be to realize.

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