Optimized utilities planning & scheduling software


What deficiencies can occur when utilities plan and schedule? And what is the ultimate cost? Learn how to offset shortfalls and introduce greater efficiencies to protect and grow your bottom line.

Over the past decade, we have seen some remarkable advances within the industry. For example, distributed energy generation, microgrids, augmented reality, geographical information systems, and even automated worker health checks. Yet many organizations remain rooted in the past, relying on manual spreadsheets, paper maps, and Gantt charts to carry the utility forward.

Manual or outdated workforce scheduling comes at a cost, usually at the expense of work in the field.  Most field crews expect 30-50% of their scheduled work will contain flaws requiring resolution before work can begin. An additional 10-15% of jobs in the field are expected to stall due to oversights in the initial planning.

Integrating planning and scheduling technology with mobile workforce management systems extends the benefits of optimized scheduling to the work happening in the field. This ensures work is carried out as efficiently as possible the first time for:

  • Planned work and customer requests
  • Capital projects
  • Critical and unplanned events
  • Asset inspection and maintenance

Learn how integrating these technologies allows you to quickly respond to demands in the field, reduce overall costs, and increase efficiencies.

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