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Cheer Pack


Cheer Pack, a leading North American packaging manufacturer, needed a solution that would generate an optimized production plan, carried out by autonomous vehicles on the shop floor. After being impressed by IFS Labs, Cheer Pack chose IFS Applications as their solution for this goal.

Cheer Pack now has an industrial automation solution that uses robotics to transform strategy. AI is deployed within the vehicles to robotize materials movement. This gives staff the freedom to take on more advanced and skillful tasks, helping reduce Cheer Pack’s labor shortage.

The company anticipates $1.5 million savings per year, thanks to IFS Applications. Watch the video to discover more.

  • Potential $1.5 million savings per year
  • Staff can focus on more advanced projects, reducing labor shortage for higher-skilled positions
  • Optimized production plans from IFS Applications

"We expect to save over $1.5 million per year. In addition, every employee affected will be re-tasked to a higher skilled position, greatly helping us with our labor shortage."

Alex Ivkociv
IT Manager

Video: Cheer Pack Automates With IFS Applications