KBR Poland boosts efficiency using IFS ERP


KBR Poland, a company specializing in investment, renovation, construction, and maintenance services within industries such as pulp and paper, wood, energy, and chemicals, enhanced its operational efficiency by implementing IFS ERP software. Rafał Bzymek, Financial Director of KBR Poland Sp. z o.o explains how this comprehensive suite of ERP software, utilized by KBR Poland since 2002, has led to enhanced financial control, efficient distribution, streamlined maintenance processes, and improved HR and payroll management.


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The implementation of a modern, integrated ERP solution to support company management has allowed us to make our work more effective and improved information workflows within the company.

Rafał Bzymek

Financial Director, KBR Poland Sp. z o.o.

About KBR

KBR Poland (formerly BE&K Europe) has been operating in the Polish market since 1994, specializing in comprehensive handling of renovation, erection and construction projects within pulp and paper, wood, energy and chemical industries. The company has over 700 employees. KBR Poland has its headquarters in
Kwidzyn with divisions in Świecie and Klucze. The KBR concern, owning KBR Poland, operates in over 45 countries with around 45,000 employees worldwide.

Benefits seen using IFS

  • Shorter time to close books every month
  • Simplified tax settlements
  • Streamlined budgeting process
  • Invoicing directly from the work order based on customer orders
  • Optimization and simplification of payroll calculation algorithm
  • Improved customers order handling
  • Automatic generation of inventory orders to keep defined levels of materials in stock
  • Simpler structure and more efficient handling of work orders
  • Easy and quick access to information

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