Enhancing field service excellence with IFS Technology

Streamlining operations for customer satisfaction
In the pursuit of operational excellence, IFS has become a pivotal force in revolutionizing field service management. By simplifying reporting processes and optimizing daily travel routes, IFS has significantly reduced time and fuel expenditures, translating into cost savings and a greener footprint.

By placing the customer's happiness at the forefront, IFS and Electrolux collectively strive to set new benchmarks in service delivery.


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About Electrolux

Electrolux is dedicated to shaping living for the better by reinventing taste, care, and wellbeing experiences for millions of people. Selling approximately 60 million household products annually in over 120 markets, Electrolux is committed to sustainability and customer satisfaction.

Benefits seen using IFS

  • Streamlined Field Service Management: Leveraging IFS's mobile app and workforce planning solution, Electrolux has transformed its field service operations, delivering excellence at every service touchpoint.
  • Reduced Operational Costs: The implementation of IFS technology has led to a significant reduction in daily travel distances and fuel costs, contributing to Electrolux's sustainability goals.
  • Improved Technician Productivity: Field technicians now enjoy a simplified reporting process and optimized routes, enhancing their efficiency and service quality.

“When our technician arrives, they can expect a first-time-fix: the technician will have access to a wealth of technical and diagnostic knowledge and tools, including on-van availability for the most likely spare parts required.”

Kristoffer Brun

Discover the IFS difference in Field Service Management

A Glimpse into Electrolux's Service Transformation
Witness firsthand how our innovative Field Service Management (FSM) and Planning and Scheduling Optimization (PSO) capabilities have redefined Electrolux's service delivery.

From optimized appointment booking to efficient spare part planning, our technology has enabled Electrolux to achieve a significant reduction in average travel per job, streamline back-office administration, and focus on exception handling through automated scheduling.

Watch the full video for an in-depth understanding.

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