HEF Group

HEF Group consolidates development by harmonizing processes

Why did HEF Group choose an IFS solution?

HEF Group has been using their IFS solution since March 2021, with plans to continue its staged project rollout internationally, including in the USA, China, India and Germany. The goal is for the IFS Solution will enable 500 employees across the HEF Group to support its key business processes including:

  • Production management
  • Logistics chain management
  • Quality management
  • Finance
  • Project management

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"IFS is a very user-friendly tool with impressive functional capacity. On top of that, IFS is designed and developed by the publisher IFS, with no integrator verticalization, by contrast with its competitors, who often have to add extra modules to the standard package in order to meet the client’s needs."


Project Manager, HEF Group.

About HEF Group

The HEF Group is a world leader in surface engineering and can offer its clients, whether they are major principals or SMEs, an end-to-end service from research to operation of processes or supply of components, via industrial development and technology transfer.

Benefits seen using IFS:

  • Functional depth and usability.
  • Harmonizing processes for growth.
  • Agile and responsive integrator.

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