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Yondr Prepares for Future Business Growth with IFS Cloud

IFS AI-powered software helps Yondr Group unify global operations
The implementation of IFS Cloud has allowed Yondr to unify its global operations, maintain assets for the full lifecycle and gain project financial control. The system allows information from multiple companies and countries to create one source of truth across projects, leading to more streamlined financial control. IFS provides Yondr with live reporting dashboards, which are important when ensuring efficient operations.

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“Having that financial reporting is absolutely brilliant. The big thing is being able to produce month end reports or live time reports about how a project is doing, whether it's on budget, how much people are spent with the budget, budget control is key is absolutely key to what we do.”

Jeremy Nash

Business Application Specialist, Yondr

About Yondr

Yondr is a global developer, owner operator and service provider of hyperscale data centers.

Benefits seen using IFS:

  • One source of truth across multiple countries, companies and projects
  • Streamlined financial control
  • Live reporting dashboards
  • Mobile functionality
  • Predictive AI powered software to increase efficiency

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