Maximize assets, projects, and service excellence in the Energy Sector

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Stay ahead of competition in the energy sector with connected assets, projects and service. 

Sustainability and diversification are in focus due to changes in consumer demands within the energy sector. Firms are transforming their business models to achieve best-in-class customer service, ensure smart asset management, and continually optimize a connected workforce. IFS accelerates business transformation with assets, projects, maintenance and service solutions in a single product. We are independently recognized as a leading supplier of on-premise or cloud-enabled ERP, EAM, and MWM and field service management software, with customers across Energy, Utilities & Resources industries.

IFS solution for Energy, Utilities & Resources industries

Now’s the time for Energy, Utilities & Resources organizations to leverage disruptive technologies & asset lifecycle management solutions to address complex business needs for assets, projects and service. Download this infographic to explore how our customers are improving operational efficiency and delivering exceptional customer service.

The future of Energy and Utilities

There’s a bold new future ahead of the energy and utilities sector. The global movement towards sustainable energy and carbon-free solutions is driving significant change. Ensure that your business is able to keep up with these industry changes and focus on services and outcomes instead of products that will allow you to orchestrate your customers, people, and assets as your business transforms. This eBook will outline some of these key challenges in the Energy and Utilities sector, and highlight practical ways to deliver the Moment of Service that will delight your customer—time after time.

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Mobile Workforce Management For Utilities

Utilities are thinking carefully about their moment of service, from how they proactively inspect assets to ensure reliability and effective expansion, to delivering on service requests for their customers. IFS provides a complete solution for energy and water utilities.

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