Published07 July 2022
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Latest IFS assyst Release Automates and Enhances Visibility into Complex Enterprise-Wide Cloud Environments to Drive ROI


IFS introduces new automated discovery tool for better CMDB management, enabling organizations to maximize utilization, improve asset data accuracy, boost compliance, and drive adoption and better user experiences.

London, UK – 7th July, 2022IFS, the global cloud enterprise software company, today announced the launch of IFS assyst 11.5. With new automated cloud discoverability functionality, the release will help organizations better manage their Configuration Management Databases (CMDBs), giving them a comprehensive view of all technology in use across the enterprise and full control of their IT infrastructure. 

CMDBs are a key component of effective enterprise service management (ESM), allowing organizations to track and make links between everything from software, to hardware, to documentation, and people. Despite this, Gartner has found that approximately 75% of CMDBs are failing to provide value to justify their investment. 

As organizations become more reliant on the cloud, IT environments are growing in complexity, making it difficult for teams to track all technology deployed within the enterprise. This can lead to outdated, incomplete, or inaccurate data being held in CMDBs, creating a number of key challenges for the wider business, including wasted IT budgets, silos, poor user experiences, as well as compliance and security issues. 

“With the new 11.5 release, we are directly addressing the obstacles organizations face when it comes to managing CMDBs in complex environments,” said Martin Schirmer, President, Enterprise Service Management, IFS assyst. “By providing enterprises with enhanced visibility through a single automated solution, they will be better placed to understand and take full advantage of their assets, ensure compliance, improve processes, and ultimately transform services for customers and employees.” 

The release is also used to support the replacement of IFS internal employee and IT Service Management (ITSM) portals and external partner portals, bringing all capabilities into one platform. All the features have been developed to match the requirements of large-scale deployments and are now available to all IFS assyst customers.

As IFS assyst customers increasingly migrate to new releases, the company has also launched the assyst Community. This new channel will provide an engaging platform for customers and developers looking to create frictionless user experience with IFS assyst. Customers can now engage with other users to jointly solve problems and propose enhancements that can be voted on by the rest of the community, as well as contributing content and best practices. 

Key capabilities of IFS assyst 11.5 include: 

  • Ability to discover applications running in Azure cloud and other cloud native applications, i.e. containers on Kubernetes running on AKS 
  • Automatic discovery of deployed software and effortless population of the CMDB 
  • Quick access to information to eliminate silos 
  • Self-service for end users to easily resolve their own problems 
  • New service-level agreement (SLA) tracking capabilities <
  • Ability to customize self-service portal layout and content based on users or user groups and show or hide offerings
  • Hard segregation capabilities in terms of access and visibility of data, depending on user groups e.g. this is a key requirement for HR use cases involving sensitive information
  • Improvement in accessibility of the self-service portal

All features are included in a universal pricing and licensing model, as well as a simplified deployment model giving customers access to ITSM, ITOM and ESM capabilities. Not only is this a single license for all of IFS assyst’s capabilities, but it also ensures business value is delivered within weeks of adoption.

“In today’s competitive landscape, it is becoming more important to create a total experience for customers and employees,” Schirmer continued. “Through continually updating our ESM solution, we are dedicated to helping our customers provide seamless experiences across all digital touchpoints. Ultimately, with efficient processes, visibility, and automation we can enable everyone to do their best work, no matter where they are based.” 

Join the IFS assyst Community today:
IFS assyst 11.5 is available immediately across the globe for customers to purchase. To learn more, please visit IFS assyst’s brand new website:

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