Fleet Maintenance Management Software

Manage your fleet maintenance in Road Transportation, or your maintenance and safety activities at distribution centers, ports, and terminals.

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As a logistics professional, IFS Ultimo software enables you to set up your fleet maintenance efficiently with minimal downtime. The fleet maintenance management system is also deployable for maintenance management around warehouses, cranes, pipelines, and other logistics assets.

Effective fleet asset management and maintenance software

Extensive support through work order management with several planning opportunities, detailed cost registration, periodical maintenance, fault and damage administration, fuel registration, and the possibility to invoice work performed for third parties.

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Distribution centers, ports & terminals

IFS Ultimo is not just for moving transportation assets. Distribution centers, ports, and (oil) terminals also improve the uptime of moving and fixed assets, reduce maintenance costs, and operate more safely with the deployment of the software.

Fleet asset management software: Total cost of ownership

Fleet maintenance management software gives you insight into costs and possible savings. The total cost of ownership (TCO) can be an important criteria, helping you with important decisions about operations and future investments.


Smart fleet business integration

Together we can do more. IFS Ultimo Fleet Maintenance software integrates in a smart way with transport management systems, barcode scanners, stock management systems, fuel card applications, and financial systems.

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