Lean manufacturing and DDMRP software comparison


Most discrete manufacturing organizations rely on a bill of material (BOM) to understand demand for component parts and materials required to manufacture products and satisfy orders or projected demand. Demand-driven materials requirements planning (DDMRP), however, is a planning method that does not really use a bill of materials explosion to determine how you plan the part.

But what other elements of lean manufacturing can you do with DDMRP? Here we explore:

  • A basic definition of DDMRP
  • How DDMRP and lean concepts coalesce
  • How ERP certified for DDMRP can help

DDMRP holds tremendous promise for manufacturers in industries where demand can fluctuate... and these days, that is almost any industry. This simple primer will give you some initial ideas of what DDMRP is and what DDMRP is as compared with the lean manufacturing principals you are already familiar with. But as you determine what DDMRP can do for you, you will want to research further, perhaps startingwith materials from the Demand Driven Institute.

Download the whitepaper to learn more.

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