APTransco Masters Transmission and Distribution Projects with IFS

The decision to implement IFS throughout the company has given APTransco an entirely better grasp of its business processes and increased transparency in the business. The result is more accurate business data, smoother, timelier maintenance work, automated processes that greatly reduce the risk of error, and the ability to tackle issues more swiftly.

Capital projects are a major factor for the transmission and distribution industry. And today, IFS enables head office to view and approve all projects and schemes. Moreover, the head office can consolidate all material requirements from projects, operation and maintenance to generate itemized purchase requisitions. Further, tenders can be made and finalized electronically, with related purchase orders created and approved via the business applications. Head office is also able to allocate and direct material based on withdrawals from stores, which receive materials exactly as requested via purchase orders—which are standardized in the business applications. Purchase orders can also be closed within IFS.


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