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Babcock delivers over 4,630 projects with IFS

Babcock International is using IFS as a full ERP system across multiple business units. Building, managing and maintaining highly complex critical assets as part of multiple, high-value projects, Babcock has completed over 4,630 projects with IFS software to date.

From first implementing IFS as its financial solution 20 years ago, today Babcock International is using IFS as a full ERP system across multiple business units.

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"IFS gives the customer confidence because all the materials, sub-contracts, costs and labor are all captured by the solution. The level of detail and ability to drill down if needed works for everyone involved."

Barry Logan

ERP Solutions Manager, Babcock International

About Babcock International Group

For more than a century, Babcock, the Aerospace and Defense company, has been trusted to deliver bespoke, highly-skilled engineering services.

Benefits using IFS

  • Single source of project status for staff and customers
  • Priorities clearly visible in IFS Lobbies
  • Easy to use for both daily and occasional users
  • Feature-rich and flexible across diverse needs
  • Improved efficiency with mobile work orders

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Capabilities of IFS

Babcock uses IFS to manage maintenance for assets on its sites, tracking both planned and reactive works. The team is currently introducing IFS reporting that will benchmark performance and against SFG20 compliance, the industry standard maintenance specification for building engineering services.

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