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IFS Cloud is empowering Berkeley Group to grow

Chris Gilbert shares how IFS has provided the company with a single source of trusted data.
From embracing modern methods of construction and next-gen technologies to enjoying an evergreen cadence of innovations, IFS Cloud is empowering Berkeley Group to grow, transform and continue building award-winning homes across London, Birmingham and the South of England.

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“I think Project Financial controls for Berkeley are very important. It was one of the key things for us when we're moving forward with IFS as a project, historically we've captured all of our costs within a financial system.”

Chris Gilbert

Group Head of IT at Berkeley Group

About Berkeley Group

Berkeley Group builds homes across London, Birmingham and the South of England. Specializing in brownfield regeneration, reviving underused land to create unique, sustainable and nature-rich places where communities thrive.

Benefits seen using IFS

  • Efficiency in material management
  • Improved project financial controls
  • Evergreen solution for seamless updates
  • Modern application with platform reliability

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Berkeley Group gains total project financial control with IFS

Chris Gilbert explains how the IFS solution has decreased time and effort for project costing
Project financial control was a key for Berkeley when implementing IFS, as historically costs were captured within a financial system and exported to Excel. IFS allows them to look at things by the plot, phase or project, saving a lot of time and effort.

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