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British Sky Broadcasting-BSkyB Streamines Telecom Operation

The BSkyB vision is that it can only continue to be streets ahead of any other broadcaster by constantly improving its closely-integrated combination of hardware and world-beating services. This is why, unlike many other broadcasters, it installs and services the hardware customers use to view its services. And that’s why BSkyB’s hardware and systems supply chain looks, in many respects, like a combination of leading-edge technology with a best-in-class retail operation. BSkyB is committed to delivering world-beating customer service. Its Inventory Control System (ICS) from IFS is one of the key initiatives that underpin this vision.

Today, IFS streamlines the entire service lifecycle including:

  • Demand, supply and materials planning
  • Order fulfilment
  • Returns management
  • Supplier management
  • Asset management


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"We are comfortable to invest further in IFS and we are in the early stages of replacing the job management system which will include PDA functionality"

Marion Scott

Head of Supply Chain Development

About BSkyB

British BSkyB Broadcasting (BSkyB) is no ordinary media company. The operator of both the UK’s largest digital satellite television platform and the UK’s fastest growing broadband provider is an endlessly innovating provider of broadcast sports, movies, entertainment, news and broadband services.


  • Complete stock visibility
  • Automated administration wherever possible
  • Frequency of audits has been reduced substantially
  • BSkyB’s systems are now fully integrated with business partners’ own stock control systems
  • BSkyB were able to construct their ideal stock management solution from a range of modular functionality components

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