NGE Chooses IFS to Accelerate its Digital Transformation

NGE is a French company in the construction sector. NGE positions itself at all stages of a construction project, from design to financing, realization and operation. The company participates in the construction and renovation of large infrastructures as well as in urban or local projects.

For several years and contrary to the trend in the sector, NGE has experienced strong growth. The company explains this by three major elements. First, its status as a “small” player has enabled it to be more reactive and to adapt more easily to new market needs. NGE has also been able to make beneficial strategic choices, in particular by developing the railway activity and its international activity. Finally, the company has challenged itself since its creation by gradually expanding its activities to new markets.


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"It is unacceptable, in this context, in this context, to see that equipment is used rarely or never. IFS will allow us to make this observation and then, by combining the information collected with the monitoring of worksites in the solution, to allocate resources and increase the time of use.“

Jean-Sebastien Leoni

Deputy Chief Executive Officer of NGE

About NGE

NGE, “New Generations of Entrepreneurs “is a French construction company daring when it comes to taking risk. Every day, NGE reinvents its trades to design, realize and renovate major projects and proximity works: points, roads, railways, fibre optic networks, cultural spaces, social, educational, etc. In sense, NGE is developing connections that weave and strengthen links to get around better, live better and exchange better

Benefits seen using IFS

  • Ergonomics and easy to use
  • Customizable to every business need
  • Easy to implement
  • Availability on every device
  • Suitable for client platforms and compatible with a wide range of mobile devices
  • Scalable, future-proof solution

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IFS solutions: The foundation of NGE’s ambitious digital transformation plan

NGE is an independent French company in the construction sector. The company is involved in the construction and renovation of major infrastructure as well as urban or local projects.

Its activities cover utilities, earthworks, pipelines, civil engineering, roads and road equipment, geotechnical and safety works, railway works and construction. Currently, the group has 11,000 employees and an annual turnover of 1.87 billion euros.

To further accelerate its development, NGE has launched an ambitious plan to digitally transform its business processes. One of the main objectives of this plan is to enhance its business and site management capabilities. NGE consulted several management solution providers and evaluated them over a period of several months.

After auditing not only the suppliers’ solutions, but also the quality of their teams and their knowledge of the construction sector, NGE announced last year its choice for construction ERP from IFS and deployment of the solution began in 2018. Its scope extends to all NGE’s activities and processes.

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