IFS Cloud - Supply chain management software


Businesses need supply chains that are effective and drive competitive advantage. Yet current market disruption, coupled with changes to buying patterns, create several barriers.

A lack of guaranteed raw materials, longer lead times, increasing supply prices, rapidly changing customer demand and staff shortages are just some of the challenges. As a result, leading companies are turning to IFS Cloud to react more quickly – turning these pressures into a real competitive differentiator. Supply Chain Management in IFS Cloud makes it easier to operate a smooth and efficient supply chain regardless of your industry or the type of business you run.

With Supply Chain Management in IFS Cloud you get:  

  • A clear, unified view of your supply chain  
  • Greater profitability through powerful planning  
  • Improved speed to market  
  • Greater transparency  

    IFS Cloud offers a comprehensive solution for visual planning and collaborative forecasting with various techniques. It supports integrated supply chain planning, automated inventory replenishment, sales order management, shipment handling, rental management, and streamlined warehouse processes for end-to-end traceability and control. Download the fact sheet to learn more about supply chain management in the IFS Cloud.


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