The Digital Shipyard of the future is here

Major shipyards and product lifecycle management vendors are excited about the emergence of the digital shipyard—a streamlined operation with improved information sharing and substantial efficiencies over traditional shipbuilding. Starting with the design process, contract management functionality in ERP is crucial because it helps ensure delivery according to the agreed requirement. 

Commercial and defense shipbuilding is leaving behind traditional processes and embracing a digital future. Shipbuilders can see the benefits, but to adapt to change they need ERP systems that adapt and grow with them. These changes may center around the technology they use on a project, but more and more, it is the technology embedded within the projects that is evolving faster. 

Enterprise software is essential to cut through complexity as organizations move to the truly digital shipyard.

Read about the four key components to ensure a successful shift:

  • Digital engineering strategy
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Project management and finance
  • Sustainability

Download the fact sheet to learn more about powering the digital shipyard with IFS Maritime ERP software.


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