Eickhoff delivers service-centric operations with latest IFS FSM

The Eickhoff Group is a market leader in About Eickhoff technology and services for demanding mining and gearbox applications. An IFS FSM customer since 2014, the company has recently implemented the latest release of its Field Service Management solution, IFS FSM.

Based in Germany, Eickhoff manufactures mining machines used by coal mines and foundries, and gearboxes for wind turbines and industrial applications. With a reputation for quality engineering, the company is a technology leader for automated raw material extraction in underground mining.


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Everything is consolidated and instantly available at the click of the mouse or the tap of a screen. Anyone in the company has the accurate data and insight they need to make the right decision at the right time.

Dietmar Schmitz

Head of Service Product Development, Eickhoff

About Eickhoff

Founded in 1864, the Eickhoff Group manufactures and supports plant and gearing technology used in extreme conditions such as mining, wind farms and foundries. Headquartered in Bochum, Germany, the group employs 1,200 staff with global subsidiaries including Australia, in Russia, in China and South Africa, Poland and Belarus.


  • Full global visibility and management for field service.
  • Supports future opportunities with digitalization and AI technologies.li>
  • Easy to use for both daily and occasional users.li>
  • Seamless implementation across subsidiaries.li>
  • Built to enable service-centric business models.li>

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A collaborative process

With Eickhoff’s business growing, and new service-centric revenue streams, IFS FSM is a core application to enable the changes needed to adopt a successful servitization model. As part of this, Schmitz and his R&D team were able to provide feedback on the application to IFS developers, allowing the subsequent release to address key customer needs.


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